Reminder/automatic emails to come from program/agency email, rather than site email


I think it would be great if any reminder or automatic emails associated with a volunteer opportunity could come from the email address associated with the program/agency of that volunteer opportunity, rather than the full site email.

We have volunteers who sometimes respond directly to those emails, which means that as site managers we often have to forward those replies to the appropriate program/agency managers.

It would give the program/agency managers more confidence in the system if emails came from them. Users would have a better experience as well as they would be able to communicate directly to the program/agency managers. It would make for a more personal experience.

Of course, other emails not associated with a particular volunteer opportunity could continue to come from the main site email.


Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts in our forum! I can definitely understand how important it is for volunteers to be able to communicate with program and agency managers about upcoming opportunities. Have you explored our template keys for need-related notifications? For many of these notifications, you can insert the name and contact email for the agency into the notification. This way, volunteers have access to the contact information for any opportunities their involved in. Would something like this achieve your goal?

All the best,


Hi! Yes, we do this already. But it is easier on volunteers if they can just "reply" to an email, as opposed to copy an email address and create a new one.

Ah, I see! Based on this, I'm going to merge your feedback into one of our existing forum posts for the same request! I will be sure to add your voice to the suggestion and do my best to advocate on your behalf.

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely holiday season!