Provide Country functionality built into the platform

It seems very odd to me that you do not have Country drop down list built into the platform.

We have several volunteers that we fly in from Canada and are unable to specify their address information in your system.

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Hi Matthew, 

Thank you for adding your suggestion! I can see from a ticket you sent in that you would like a Countries option as a standard registration question in User Registration. I am happy to add this suggestion to our enhancements board, where it will be reviewed by our development team. In the meantime, I would like to echo the suggestion for using a Custom User Registration question to gather this information. 

I appreciate you adding this insight, as we do not currently have a large number of clients with international volunteerism. Your perspective is very helpful. 

Thank you, and I hope you have a great rest of your day!


Sure, if you want to make the platform more applicable globally that would be the other reason for adding it.

Hi Matthew, 

Thanks for your feedback, we have added your request to our enhancement list, and  will make sure to bring this up on our next product suggestion review.

Have a great day!

Great suggestion! We have the same issue! 

You can use the Custom Question but only for Users/Volunteers.

Suggest you add Country to Nonprofits and Volunteers and then add this ("country")  to be the category in the filter option.


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