unable to connect to chatter or access supervisors in any way I have tried.

I am about to quit volunteering. I have not been able to consistently access the chatter feed when I am doing calls. There is no obvious way to ask for help.

1. When I sign up, even days before the shift, there is no current chatter feed on the CCP.

2. When I go to the supervisor page on MI Volunteer website to see if I can contact supervisors by phone, they are out of date.

3. When I try to log into salesforce to get to chatter that way, it does not recognize my email and does not send me a password reset. I do not think I was ever able to access the salesforce website since I have been a volunteer. 

4. There is no way to get help in the flawed system. There is no help line or number to call. I am very frustrated.

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Hi Bonita,

I've put you in touch with a site administrator from your local organization, so I'm going to mark this post as resolved! Keep up the great work you're doing in your community and have a lovely rest of your day!

All the best,

Caitlin Lowe

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