Visibility of Volunteers on Shifts

Our Volunteer Program is unique in the sense that our volunteers like to know who is signed up to be there on each shift. This was something our previous system did show and share with volunteers. I would love for there to be an option to make this visible. I understand needing a privacy option as well for those Volunteer Programs that do not function the way that our program does, but if this was something we could choose that would be very beneficial!

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This is something my volunteers have expressed as well.  Our volunteers all know one another and can assess the need of the day based on who is signed up. Our previous software allowed this and this is something they volunteers have expressed they miss.

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Hi Jenni and Sarah, 

Thanks so much for posting to the forum! I want to make sure I'm capturing the essence here to pass on to our enhancements team. Would you want for volunteers to know who has responded to a specific shift? Or would you only like an approved group of volunteers to view shifts? I think the hesitancy previously from the Development team was indeed a privacy issue, but I would be happy to pass this along!

Maia Price
Galaxy Digital CX

Hi Maia,

There was a feature in Volgistics that allowed volunteers to check a box allowing themselves to be visible on the schedule. 

Our organization is unique in that most of our volunteers want to know who else will be volunteering on their shift. 

A specific example of this is if they are signing up to walk dogs they want to know who else is there as each person has a different skill and level at HSMO so knowing who to expect tells them about which dogs will get out and which won't and where they are most needed.

I completely understand the importance of privacy, I just would like the option for the volunteers to decide if they would like their schedule shared with the rest of the volunteers. :)

Thank you so much for listening to our request! I appreciate everything you all do!

Sarah Schimmele

Hi, Sarah, 

Thanks so much for that clarification. This is what I'll pass on to the enhancements team for consideration: "The option for volunteers to view what other volunteers have responded to an opportunity/shift and for volunteers to opt-in to making their scheduled public."

I hope you're well!

Maia Price
Galaxy Digital CX

This is something our employees would love as well and that we had on our previous platform but that is not available on this platform. We have had many volunteers ask us if this is something that can be added to the site. 

Hi, Savannah,

Thanks for posting here to the forums! We appreciate you adding your support to this request as well. I'll be sure to notate it with our enhancements team. If you find there are any other thoughts you have, please don't hesitate to add them here.

Galaxy Digital CX

Hi Maia,

I would definitely echo what Savannah said as far as employees also.  Most of our staff is now set as managers just so they can see who is on for the day. I'd rather keep the managers to those that need to make schedule changes and what not but our staff also needs to be able to see who is signed up for the day and this was the only way I could seem to make that possible.



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