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All of our volunteers are currently adding hours from home after their shift.  The need they have signed up for appears when you select "yes" responding to a need, however so does every need they have ever responded to. Anyway once a needs hours have been added it can disappear so volunteers aren't left with a long list?

Like this:


Also the volunteers find it redundant to click the need they have responded to and then still have to add the date, time and user group (if responding to a need the user group has already been assigned).  

What the previous software we used had was just a button to edit the actual assigned hours in case they worked shorter or longer.

I find my volunteers also get confused and in adding the user group these hours are sometimes being assigned places I don't want to them to, leaving the report not as accurate as I would like. I 

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Hi Jenni,

Thanks so much for following up and posting this to our forums! I've added this to our Enhancements notes as a few different requests:

1. When a user adds a response to a shifted Need, to remove the Need title from the user's Need dropdown list in their Hours Tracking area. This will reduce confusion and accidental duplicate hour entries for a single shift. This will also reduce length of the Needs dropdown list for better user experience.

2. When a user selects a shifted Need from the Need dropdown list in their Hours Tracking area, to have the form autofill the date and time of the selected shift for ease.

3. When a user selects a Need from the Need dropdown list in their Hours Tracking area, to have the form autofill the User Group associated with the user it was originally added to.

Let me know if I missed anything! In the meantime, we are able to put in place a language override for the phrase "User Group(s)", if you think a different phrase would be more understandable. Feel free to email us at support if you would like to do this! I was thinking maybe "Work Area" may be more intuitive for your users, but you know them better than I do!

Thanks again,


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The ability to delete or archive past opportunities would be a HUGE benefit. Several of my volunteers have also complained about having to endlessly scroll to find the correct opportunity to add hours. It would also benefit site admins when adding volunteer responses. Would be much easier to only have ACTIVE opportunities in the list of choices.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your additional feedback! I have added your voice to our enhancement notes. 

We appreciate your dedication to improving our software for your volunteers!



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Hi everyone,

I wanted to revisit this forum with some good news related to your requests. With our newest software updates, we were able to make a couple adjustments to the hours tracking area to make your volunteers process smoother.

1. We've separated the Need title from its day and time selection, to make it more straight-forward to find the shift they are looking for:

2. When a shift day and time is selected, they now auto-populate in the Hours Details section:

3. If a user accidentally selects a shift they have already submitted hours for, we've added a duplicate hours popup warning to let them know:

I know this does not hit all of the requests in this forum post completely, but I wanted to make you aware of these updates! We hope they will help to improve your volunteer's experience when submitting their hours on the site.



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