Making Custom Check Box Questions in User Registration Required

When creating a custom question for the user application, I am unable to make a check box question required. I see that there is a similar inquiry about minimum and maximum questions already posted 3 years ago but I do not see that conversation being resolved in that communication. 

One example for why I would like this feature it to enable new users to be able to select all the races that they identify with in a custom question without having to make two questions to get the information I need. (A short answer for "other" coupled with a radio button list). Additionally, this setup will be inclusive to people who identify with multiple races without asking those individuals to take additional steps in filling out the "other" category. Filling in answers also will lead to inconsistent data. 

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Hi Elise,

Thanks for adding your suggestion here in our forums! I totally understand, and will add your thoughts to our enhancements board to review as follows:

"The ability for a Site Manager to require the "checkbox" type custom registration questions."

Let me know if I missed anything in this request! 



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Hi Elise,

Hope you have been well! We've recently made some enhancements to the software, including adding the ability to make custom user registration checkbox questions required. You can read more about that and other updates we made, here.

Thanks for your support!


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