Description Field for Custom Shift

This topic has been suggested before, but as the last replies were over a year ago, I would like to suggest it again.

Here's the example where a "description field" would be helpful for both our volunteers and the agency:

  The Community Meal np hosts meals at various sites on different dates, with various duties taking place at different times. For example, on January 18 at Happy Trails House the "Prep Crew" sets up 3:30-4:30, "Clean-Up Crew" 6:30-7:30. The agency set ups shifts based on time.  When the volunteer wants to sign-up for a specific job, they have to go back and reference the description and coordinate that with the time offered.

Not only is this cumbersome for the volunteer, but this can be a problem when jobs run simultaneously. "Meal Plating" can take place at the same time as "Meal Serving". We've worked around this by slightly changing the times, but it would be so much easier all around if you would add a description field for each shift.

Your team has suggested using Initiatives, but that doesn't work either as the Needs are offered by a specific date and the needs also occur at different locations.


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Hi Thelma, 

I am happy to record your suggestion for our developers to review! This is what I will put: 

"Add the ability to to describe each shift within an Opportunity. This description would be visible to volunteers." 

Does that sound right, or am I missing anything? 

Thank you!


WE NEED THIS for all 5 of our locations using Galaxy. This will help us (immensely) organize the different opportunities within one need  for our more complex volunteering opportunities. This also eliminates clutter by eliminating the need to have several opportunities for one event. It will help us keep everything together and make the reporting process easier.

Hi there!

Thank you for adding your voice to the chorus in support of this suggestion! I will make sure to note your support of this suggestion. 

I hope you have a great weekend, 


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