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Hi all,

It would be useful to us to have a list of all cancelations. Right now we have to click into each volunteer's record to see their specific cancelation(s). I would like to see a list, similar to Volunteerism>Responses, showing a cumulative list of cancelations. 

This will help us figure out when a last minute hole opens up in a shift, or to see trends if an individual tends to cancel at the last minute frequently, and/or quickly find if a person accidentally cancels. 

I could see this being another sub-head under the Responses category, next to OPPORTUNITY RESPONSES, AEM RESPONSES, and LEGACY DRM RESPONSES.



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Hi Cody,

Based on this additional feedback, I've noted the following requests:

  • Ability to view a log of all inactive responses, which includes volunteers removing their response/unregistering, any time a Site or Program Manager removes a volunteer's response, and any time a Site or Program Manager deletes an opportunity or a shift.
  • Include the ability to email volunteers who appear in this log

One note I will include for the team is that Responses can't be reinstated in the case that the opportunity or shift was deleted by the Site or Program Manager so the previous functionality requested would not apply to this type of inactive response.

Does this accurately capture your request? Let me know if I've overlooked anything!

All the best,

Hi Cody, thanks for clarifying! I'm going to reach out to you in a ticket, and we can talk about they best way to get the reporting you need there. I look forward to chatting, have a great day!

Hi Grace, 

Thank you for writing in your support for this one! I'll add your name & org to our ongoing notes for this enhancement. 

Have a lovely rest of your week! 

Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

HI Aurda, 

Thank you for reaching out! I will make sure to note your support for this enhancement and bring it to the team with all of the new replys to this post. 

We appreciate your feedback!

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