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I have so many agencies that post their needs with the "ongoing" designation, because they do not want to put a designated time, or date or shift. They like to have people respond in general and then they can work with them to find a good flexible time for both interested volunteer and agency.  But this causes the calendar to show up with a message that indicates over 100 current needs on each calendar date. I wish I could take that off.  The calendar for us, may be better suited for events in the community .... not volunteer slots and times.  That is how we utilize it.  I understand other people may have more specific times/ dates / shifts that they put on the specific calendar dates, but ours is more general . Is there a way to get that message off my calendar?

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I also would like the option to remove the "View 100 More" link on each date of the calendar. We do use it for date specific volunteer opportunities. I appreciate the explanation I heard from support that it helps to get folks to see other needs, and not miss those other options. But it is confusing and also makes it less likely that folks will find out, on dates with multiple 'happens on' needs, that if they click on the date they will see the longer list of those on that day. The other link, to "view 100 more" is so prominent. Not critical for our use, but I really would like the option to remove that text and link from the calendar. 

Hi Krista and Molly,

Thanks for much for writing out, in detail, why the "View 100+" button for viewing ongoing needs from the calendar view is not working for your organizations. I've added this to our enhancements notes to go over with the team.

Just curious, if the "View More" buttons were removed from this view, would you still want a way for users to access ongoing needs from this area? I would assume this could be in the form of a button link still, just not on every date.

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