Edit to 'custom time' clock functionality in Check-in Kiosk


Our organization is in our 2nd month of using Galaxy, and we have multiple sites that have been using the Check-in Kiosk on-site to log volunteer hours.  For the most part, it is going well, but the biggest issue we've had is with user-errors when using the clock when entering a 'custom time' at check-in or check-out. 

The clock is too finicky and sensitive - if a user scrolls using the mouse, the date may change, or the time changes a lot, and their time is entered improperly.  It is also frustrating to the user that it's not a QUICK couple of clicks to enter their time.

I suggest the development team take a look at the UI for time entry, and make some much-needed improvements to allow for a more simple and user-focused time entry interface.


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