Volunteer Hours

We typically have volunteers completing Court-Ordered Community Service hours at our location and we normally have a large number of volunteer at one time so it is not always possible to keep track of  which volunteers are present when signing in. Though I know the hours volunteers add for themselves are pending but my suggestion would be to have an on/off button so that specific volunteers are not able to add their own hours and can only sign in and out the day of their shift. Especially because volunteers can sign in at our Kiosk days before the actual volunteer event.  

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Hi Debbie, thanks for writing in! 

I can see how it would be helpful to prevent people from checking into a need until the actual day of the shift, while still allowing people to respond to the need up until that day. 

I have added your idea to our list of product suggestions, and will be sure to review it with the team!

Have a great day, 

Eli Poulos

Thank you!

You're welcome!

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