the ability to track no-shows or last minute cancelations.

There doesn't seem to be a way to trach no-shows of volunteers, meaning volunteer who sign up but then doesn't show for a shift.  We asked about this originally and was told to just look at responses with zero hours.  For a while this was thought to work, and we just used to attendance report.  But it appears that a volunteer can cancel a shift after the time has passed.  After that we can no longer track it in anyway.  

Occasionally we have volunteer who sign up for a bunch of shift and just don't show up to a lot of them.  For use this is a problem as we are very much reliant on volunteer showing up.  

Much the same it would be great to have some way to track volunteer who cancel within hours or minutes of the shift they have signed up for.  

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Hi Jeff,  thanks for reaching out!

Since we are likely dealing with more than one criteria for determining whether someone actually attended their shift, I think this is a great use case for a custom report that would allow you to see all of this information in one place. I will reach out to you directly about this in a ticket, and we can talk through the most useful way to view this information.

I look forward to working with you!

Jeff ~ Did Eli provide you some help with this? We are having trouble with this as well. Not so much that volunteers cancel their shift afterward, but more, how to recognize a no-show because they don't have hours and a missed check-in.

Jennifer, no not really.  They can do a custom report for you, and I am sure that would help. But the system did seem to be able to account for some things.

For example, for us a no show is anyone with a response with zero hours, or anyone that canceled (marked inactive) their shift on the day of or after (unless a staff member did it). This is where it got difficult, and I don't think they were able to do that.

If you just need responses with zero hours, I think they can do that, but it is also pretty easy to just use the attendance report and filter it.

It would be helpful for us to have an option to tag or flag a volunteer as a no-show in order to track and identify those who are not fulfilling their committed hours. Before GetConnected, we used CERVIS, which did allow us to flag no shows and run a report to identify those with frequent no shows. 

Hi Natalie, 

I can definitely see how tracking & reporting on volunteers who frequently no-show would be useful to site managers! Thank you for adding your voice of support to this feature request!

The tricky part of this question is determining for certain which volunteers didn’t show up, as some might still add an hours entry or have been late, etc, and there are a lot of variables at play. As Eli mentioned above, we can definitely do a custom report for you which brings in all these variables to one place for review by admins.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions on this!

Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

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