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The latest update to have a 'Duplicate Hours Popup' is causing some issues on-site for us.  We use a private 'Ongoing Opportunity' for our resale store volunteers to log their hours when they come and go, and the Duplicate Hours Popup is popping up every time a volunteer uses the kiosk to check in.  Our Store volunteers join us on-site every single day, so this is a nuisance to them!

It would be helpful to have the option to turn this popup on/off based on our individual needs as an organization.  Or, there should be some other option for ongoing shifts that would NOT prompt the popup.

We can't change our opportunity to any other type - the 'ongoing' type has been working great, and everyone just got used to it. 

Thank you!

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I 100% agree with this statement above. I have many older volunteers who volunteer with "on-going" volunteer opportunities and they are very confused and voicing their complaints about this. Also, as the volunteer manager, I also log hours that volunteers write on our sign in sheet as they do not use internet/ don't want to, and to have this pop up every. single. time. is a huge annoyance. When you have volunteers who log hours daily or for on-going needs especially, they are super confused when it says they've logged 1062.50 hours since Jan. 22, 2020 are they sure they want to log more. 

There needs to be a way to let the Administrators turn this off or at least take it off of ongoing hours. It's a too much.

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Hi Courtney and Allison,

Thank you both for sharing your feedback here in the forums! We've updated the duplicate hours pop-up to include a "Prevent this pop-up from appearing for 24 hours" option. Volunteers can now select that when they encounter the pop-up and they won't be shown the pop-up at all for the 24 hours!

This should minimize the frustration of seeing it each time they log hours, while still ensuring that duplicate hours can be avoided when logging to a shifted need.

Thank you again,


Hi Caitlin, I am happy your team is looking into this issue, but unfortunately, a 24 hour turn off doesn't really do much when volunteers are usually only volunteering once a day or sometimes once a week or once every two weeks. It still will pop up for them when they log those hours to an on-going opportunity/shift. 



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