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I am new to this suggestion forum, so apologies if this has been posted/asked about in the past. If possible it would be wonderful to have the option to add LinkedIn and Instagram pages to agency pages. My partners ask about this a lot. I have added them to the "what we do sections" for now, but it would be great to have a more official space for these items. Additionally, when people sign up to volunteer or get a benchmark, it would be cool if they could share directly to their LinkedIn, many professionals are proud of this work and would love to share these achievements. Plus, it doubles as a free marketing tool for us.

-Thank you! -Liz Bunkers

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Hi Liz, 

Thanks so much for writing in! We've gotten the request to add additional platforms, such as Instagram and LinkedIn to Agency pages before, so I'll make sure to add your voice to our current notes about this enhancement! 

In regards to your benchmark sharing request - That's great feedback! I'll add the following request to our enhancement board:

User ability to share earned/achieved badges to other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Please let me know if this covers everything! 

All the best, 


I would also like to see a line item to add LinkedIn and Instagram profiles for a registering agency. Thank you!

Hi Debalina,

Thank you so much for this suggestion! I have added this (including “LinkedIn link” and “Instagram link” line items to Agency Registration Options) to our list of product suggestions, and will make sure to discuss this with the rest of the team.

Have a great day!



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