Assigning Qualificaitons

Is there a way to assign qualifications and not allow it to be visible to registered users until it is assigned by either a site manager or program manager? 

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Hi Alec, 

Good morning! Thank you for posting on the Product Suggestion Forum. We use this as a space to collect suggestions for how to improve the Galaxy Digital platform. We usually check this about once every two weeks, so if you have questions, I recommend emailing us at That way we can answer your question within 4 business hours!

Once a Qualification is created, it will show up in the Qualifications page of a user's profile. However, you can assign Qualifications to specific opportunities! From my understanding, you would like a way to stop the Qualification from showing up in all volunteer's Qualifications page unless the Qualification has been assigned to a specific user. Is that correct? 

Thank you!


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