Filter out private needs

When searching opportunities as a site user, it would be useful to not only be able to narrow down what you see to specific user groups but also to exclude user group-specific opportunities (private ones) from the view so you can only see public opportunities. It might be an "is" or "is not" filter so that you could both narrow to just the private opportunities and filter them out so they are not shown.

The reason I think this would be useful is because we work with students who use the site and some of them are initially assigned to user groups but aren't always active in those user groups, so they are seeing private opportunities that may not actually be available to them and it's difficult to wade through the private opportunities in their opportunity view. IF there was an easy way to filter them out I think they'd appreciate it!

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Hi Cara, thanks for reaching out! I want to make sure I understand the functionality you'd like to have here, is the idea to give students who belong to user groups an easy way to view public needs only? 

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