Kiosk Check-In Auto Approved

Hi all,

We would like to ability for hours logged through the kiosk to be auto approved, just like they would be if a staffer checks them in. 

It makes sense for user added hours to need approval from staff, but kiosk hours seem like they should be approved already.

Thanks for looking into this!

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Hi Cody,

Thanks for writing in with your suggestion! I'll add your request to our enhancement board as follows:

Hours logged through the Kiosk bypass site hour settings and are auto-approved by the system and do not require Site Manager reviewal. 

Just let me know if that covers everything you were envisioning! 

All the best, 


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Maybe the kiosk hours could only be auto-approved if the standard number of hours for that shift is reported. Less or more than the regular shift length would go to pending for approval.

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Hi Amber,

Thanks for this addition! I will add an additional request for review that "hours added via the kiosk are only auto approved if they match the designated default hours."


Maia Price

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We're having a similar issue where no matter the hours, the check in kiosk hours still say pending. Am I missing a setting?

Hi Callie, 

Are you saying that no matter the number of hours being logged through the kiosk (whether they match the default hours for the need or not) they are being logged as pending no matter what? Or that you are unable to approve the hours that come through as pending? 

Let me know either way!

Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

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