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We have had several organizations with a desire to cross post opportunities. What we run into is one organization who posts the need and recruits volunteers who are associated with their organization (businesses, active duty service members) to volunteer regularly at a separate site (also on the platform).

Those volunteers would like to take advantage of the check-in kiosk, but the kiosk (if set up by the service site) only lists the opportunities that have been posted by the site.

I know that we can track hours by user group, which is a work around we have explored, but it would be a little easier to just select a partner org where volunteers can sign in for the opportunity but have the hours count for the organization that recruited/mobilized them.

Thank you for considering.

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Hi Nick,

Thank you for adding your voice to the Forum! From my understanding, you are suggesting the ability for a single opportunity to be hosted by multiple different programs. In this case, the responses and hours that come in for that opportunity will be shared in the data for both programs. Does that sound right or am I missing anything? 

Thank you!


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