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Can you please add functionality to allow users to schedule email blasts to send at a specific time in the future?

As I manage many needs on different dates, all of which have emails that go out at 8 weeks prior, 4 weeks prior, 2 weeks prior, and 1 week prior, I waste a lot of time making reminders for myself to send these email blasts for each need. It would be phenomenal to be able to batch this process and create the emails at a time when I have the bandwidth to set aside for it, rather than having to keep track of when each email blast needs to be sent and drop what I'm doing to create and send it out at the desired time. (While we do have templates for these emails, they need to be customized with information specific to each need, so it's not quite as easy as just pulling up the template.)

This feature is available with other email services, so it's something that would be great to see on this platform. Thank you so much for considering it!

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Yes, I agree it would be very helpful to send email blasts on a schedule! 

Hi Angela and Sara, 

Thank you for adding your suggestions to the forum! Although we do have reminder notifications that automatically go out one week and again one day before the start of the opportunity, I can definitely see the need to create custom emails that go out at specific times. I will add a suggestion to create Email Blasts that are scheduled to be sent on a specific date. 

Thank you!


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Yes, we do monthly newsletters to our nonprofit managers. As Angela says, it would be great to be able to set those up in advance. Same for text messages--we haven't purchased that option because having to sit down at a specific time to send them is very inconvenient. 

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Hi Sam,

I hope you’re doing well, and thank you for this post! I have added “a way to create custom Emails that get sent out on a custom schedule” as well as “a way to create custom text messages that get sent out on a custom schedule” to our list of product suggestions, and will make sure to discuss this with the rest of the team.

Have a great day!

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