Allow Site Managers to Restrict Hours Approval for SLM User Groups

The increased capability of SLM User Groups is very appealing compared to Standard User Groups, so we were hoping maybe SLM User Groups would be our answer to allowing student org leaders to better manage their own service activities. However we can't allow Student Org Leaders to approve hours. We'd love for student org leaders to be able to post their own service opportunities - we'd link each User Group to a a default agency "USM Service Activities" so they could post opportunities under that. We'd love for them to be able to see the individual details of their members' service hours instead of just total hours. We'd love for them to be able to post responses to service opportunities and add hours on behalf of their members. However, we can't allow them to approve their members' service hours. So the answer would be to either improve the functionality of the Standard User Group or restrict the ability of leaders in the SLM user groups to approve hours. That's our request! Thanks.

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Hi Christy, 

Thank you for posting your suggestion on the Forum! From my understanding, you would like SLM leaders to be able to keep all of their abilities except for approving and declining hours. I will go ahead and add a note to our enhancements board for our developers to consider! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, 


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