Sending Agency Manager Notification When Site Manager Schedules/Responds for an Individual User


We would like to request that the system send an automatic notification to agency/program managers when the site manager schedules an individual or responds on behalf of a user for a shift. The system already does this with teams. The system also notifies agency/program managers when an individual user responds on their own, as well as notifies agency/program managers when a site manager removes an individual user from the schedule. The inconsistency in which notifications our agency/program managers receive has caused a lot of confusion (receiving a notification 1) when a volunteer unregisters or 2) when an individual volunteers responds themselves BUT NOT being notified 3) when a site manager schedules an individual volunteer). #2 and #3 are virtually identical for an agency/program manager, but they only receive a notification for #2. This enhancement would help tremendously in keeping our agency/program managers consistently up to speed on the volunteers that are scheduled each day.

I've attached a table of how the notifications currently work (to our understanding and confirmed by Galaxy customer support). For both of the cells in red, we request that agency/program managers receive a notification.

Thank you!


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Hi Adam, 

Thank you for your suggestion and for your explanation about why this would be helpful! I will add your suggestion to notify Agency Managers when a Site Manager schedules or responds on behalf of a user. 

Thank you again, and I hope you have a great weekend, 


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