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Hi all,

Team Responses are critical to our organization and the Team function is one the big reasons we chose Galaxy. 

We are noticing that the Reserved Slots part of the process creates lots of confusion. Team Leaders think Reserved Slots is a total team size (and I get why they think that). Consequently, we see many teams who have double the number of spaces they need. They add 10 people, and also update the Reserved Slots to 10 people, holding 20 spaces. This happens frequently with 2/4, 3/6 splits, etc. 

This uncertainty causes stress for our coordinators because we don't know if we can trust the numbers: is it the Team not being accurate or it is a Team Lead misinterpreting the language? 

I have started calling the Reserved Slots "Unconfirmed Spaces" to add urgency and trying to clarify with Team Leads. Is there a way the phrasing in the website can also be changed to be more clear?



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Hi Cody, 

Thank you for adding your suggestion! It sounds like the desired solution is to add the ability to apply a language override for the phrase "reserved slots", or add help text to the Reserved Slots area of the team creation pop up. I will add that suggestion to our enhancements board for our developers to review. 

Thank you for the suggestion!


Thanks Autum,

I would prefer a language override as I'm uncertain how much people read the help text. 


Hi Cody, 

Awesome! Thank you so much for clarifying. I will update the enhancement request to reflect that Language Override would be the best solution here. 

I hope you have a great rest of your day!


Has this been fixed? I am currently seeing this issue with a team that is signed up for an event in November?

Hi Severina, 

Good afternoon! We are not updated an option to apply a language override to the term "reserved slots". However, you can send an email to the Team Leader of that team to clarify anything they might have misunderstood! You can do this by going to Volunteerism > Teams, clicking the box next to the Team name, and clicking Email Leaders

We will make sure to update this thread if we added a language override for "reserved slots" or any help text! 

Autum Brown, Education Manager

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