Approved Hours in Perpetuity

Hello All,

The ,deletion of approved hours when responses are removed is problematic for anyone who wants integrity in their volunteer data.

It is hard to track data over time if data can be removed when someone wants to remove their response to an opportunity.

Is it possible to keep approved or submitted hours even after a response is removed?

This is the biggest issue with the site at the moment and would be a big enough issue for us to consider alternative software.


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Hi Nick,

Thanks so much for adding your thoughts here! I completely understand how this can be confusing for users, since removing a response hides hours from the user's profile. The good news is, for Site Manager reporting hours stay intact. You can find these hours entries in the Volunteerism > Hours page.

That being said, this is something that has been brought to our attention by a few admins and we hear you! I will be sure to bring this up to our team in the next enhancement meeting, as making a change like this would have implications for all of our sites, and we want to make sure we have done our due diligence first.

If you need any responses restored, please reach out to support, and we will assist you!

We appreciate the insights, always!


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