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I schedule group volunteer opportunities using the "Teams" function on a regular basis. Some of these teams set up multiple dates. When I put together their confirmation email, I have to compile a list of each link I have set up. It becomes very time-consuming when it is, let's say bi-weekly, and I need to pull 20+ links. Currently, I have to go to "Teams">click on the team I am looking for>open each opportunity>"Copy Join Link".

Here are a couple of ideas I had to make this process better:

1. If there was a way to export all their shifts and include the join link in that export, that might be would be very beneficial. Essentially you would go to "Teams">select your team>select the specific shifts (or select all)>Export shifts

2. Add a table filter for the "Join Link" under "Teams">selected team>"Table Filter">"Join Link"

One other thing that would be beneficial, would be to have "Teams" be a "User Filter" under "Users". "User Data">"User Groups" is an option, but I haven't been able to find a way to quickly filter by "Teams". It was suggested for me to go to "Teams">select the "Team Name" of choice>check the "ID" for each shift I am interested in>"Email Members>and then copy the list of numbers (User ID) for each of those members>go to "Users">"User Filter">"User Data">"Users ID">"is in list">paste the User ID list that I copied. Doable, but as you can see, that entails many steps and is a cumbersome process.

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Lacey Peters

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I agree with all of this, and would love to jump in with one additional request for the Teams feature if possible. It would be awesome if we could set a cap for the size of a team for each opportunity, instead of just allowing or not allowing teams in general. We require corporate groups or other groups of more than 4 people to schedule directly with us before singing up on the site, because we've been using (and loving) the User Group feature for all of these groups. 

I have a handful of families, couples, and other duos or trios of volunteers who want to use the Teams feature to sign up together, but we've had larger groups sneak through when we've turned it on in the past.


It would be amazing to have the option not only to turn teams off and on, but to limit the size of the team permitted to sign up. so that the small pairs or trios can sign up together, but no large groups are able to bypass planning their shift directly with me before signing up. 


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Hi Lacey and Grace and good afternoon,

I hope you’re both doing well, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas! I can definitely see how adding this functionality would be helpful here. 

Lacey, I have added the following requests to our team notes for us to review at a future enhancements meeting: 

  • “including the team join link within team exports”
  • “adding a column option that allows site managers to see the join link of a team within Teams > Team Responses and Teams > Edit Team
  • “adding a “Teams” Table filter option to Site Manager Panel > Volunteerism > Opportunities (based on your other post)
  • and “adding a User Filter Path that would allow site managers to filter for users that have participated in a certain team”

Grace, thank you for your thoughts on our teams feature! I have added your insights on why this would be helpful to your organization to our current notes on this request that we have.

I will make sure to discuss these suggestions with the rest of the team. Please let me know if I have captured this correctly, and if not, I’ll be happy to make some tweaks to my communication of the suggestion!

Have a great day!

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Good afternoon,

Has there been an update on this? We have a lot of teams that schedule a  monthly shift, and we set them all up in the beginning of the year. It was be super helpful for us (and the teams) to have one link that is sent out to their group so their team members can sign up in advance without having to click multiple links, and without us having to send multiple links. VolunteerHub had this option and it was super helpful. 

Hi Liz,

Apologies for the delay here! There has not been an update in regards to how team join links work quite yet. However, I will add this insight to our existing notes about this request!

Thanks for your time,


CX Specialist


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