Test Button for Updating/Editing Notifications

Good Morning, I would like to suggest an edit to the notifications area for site managers.

As a Site Manager, I wanted to edit a notification that was being sent to agency managers, the "Response to a Need" notification but before I finalized the change - I wanted to send myself a test to make sure it looked and sounded good - especially when using key templates that have content that cannot be edited. 

Is there anyway to include a "test" button, similar to the one that already exists for email blasts? 

Alternatively, could we preview the key templates content if the first option is not feasible?

Thank you!

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Hi Elisabeth,

Thank you for reaching out to post in our forum.

Currently, we don't have the ability to send a test email for our automated Notifications to your email inbox, similar as to how you've described with sending a test email from our Email Blast tool.

Here's the Product Suggestion that I will write up for you on your behalf:
Add a "Send Me A Test" button to each of the automated Notifications similar to the "Send Me A Test" button in our Email Blast tool.

In regards to the Template Key content in our Notifications that goes out to agency/program managers, here's some great information on Agency Need Notifications and the content of each of the Template Keys associated with each of these messages.,

Thanks again Elisabeth,

Just wanted to agree with Elisabeth, this would be super useful! Thanks!

Hi Grace,

Thanks for adding your thoughts to our Product Suggest Board we appreciate it. Also, just to provide you with a quick update, this product suggestion has successfully been entered into our internal Product Suggestion Board.

Thanks again Grace

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