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Working in an organization that is trying to grow their volunteer program, and being the only person managing and contacting the volunteers, it would be super helpful if I received notifications via email that a new user has registered for our site. This way, I would easily be able to keep track of new users and contact them in a timely manner, instead of sifting through the User list.

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Hi Ashton,

Thank you for taking the time to post in our forums! We have been hesitant to pursue an automated notification for new users out of concern for the volume of notifications that may come through, but I can definitely understand how this would be beneficial for you! I've gone ahead and added your request to receive a notification each time a new user joins your site to our board.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that you can use the "User Filter" to filter for volunteers who joined the site after a certain date - this is a great way to find new volunteers from the last week, month, etc! This may help simplify your review of your user list and target those folks who are new to your site!

All the best,


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I, too, find that receiving an email notification of new users would be of enormous benefit to my organization. I understand that notification volume is of concern, but notifications have the capability to be disabled when not needed.

To have to rely on the user filters is time consuming. 12 clicks (7 if I used a saved filter) as opposed to simply opening an email.

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Hi, Joann, 

Thanks for reaching out here on the forums. 

I'll be sure to add your support to this request. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Maia Price (she/her)
Onboarding and Success Specialist
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Our volunteer coordinator would like to receive notifications when a new user signs up. 

Hello, Cathy, 

Just to clarify, you were wanting this enhancement for the site manager too? If so, I can go ahead and add your support for this enhancement for our development team! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!



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Hello Cathy!

Thank you for your email response and clarification! I will go ahead and share your support for this enhancement with our development team. Have a great day! 



This would be a great option to have for startup organizations and ones that just want to see when someone new joins. I think an option to send the email to a specific person or group would be best that way no one gets needlessly spammed. The filter option is a manual  operation (pull) vs a notification or email which is a push method and gets the information to the agency much quicker and more effectively. Please add this feature!

Hi Jon, 

Thank you for adding this to the forum. I've recorded this for future enhancement meetings with Development. 

We appreciate you sharing your feedback!


Abby T. 

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