From a User Group, Select All Applicable Teams to be Attributed

It would be VERY cool if I could click on an existing user group to edit and then see a list of every team ever registered in the system. From there I'd select all the teams that apply to that user group, and then all their volunteer information and hours would be imported to the user group.

To avoid accidental overlap teams that are already attributed to other user groups would maybe be greyed out on the list, and there would be pop-ups to decide what to do with individuals who are members of more than one group.

At the end of each year we try to report on which companies (user groups) have volunteered with us, how many volunteers came from each company that year and how many collective hours were completed. Unfortunately many of the volunteers use their personal emails to register for company events, so we cannot use the domain name feature to capture everyone. We also do not have the time or staff to manually attribute users to user groups because we have so many. Adding teams in bulk to user groups would wildly improve our data accuracy.

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I would like this lots, especially if we were able to add hours retroactively to a user group!

Hi all, thanks for writing in! 

I wnt to make sure I understand what functionality you're after here so I can log your product suggestions accurately! So far, I hear two different requests here:

1. The ability to filter for teams in the user filter, so that you can bulk add those users to a user group

2. The ability to bulk update hours entries so that you can associate them to a user group retroactively. 

Do I have those right? Let me know if I understand correctly! 


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