Allow Users to Select Email Preferences Instead of All-Encompassing Opt-Out

I often have volunteers who opt-out of system emails at the bottom of the email alerting them to our monthly blog post, but then wonder why they aren't receiving emails about upcoming volunteer opportunities or shift reminders. Is there any way to make the opt-out process more customizable so volunteers can select what type of emails they would like to receive and which they wouldn't?

And, at the very least, can the "Waiver Signature Request for Parent or Guardian" notification be excluded from the opt-out like the password reset notification is? Some of our parents aren't getting this notification to sign their child's waivers because the parents are also volunteers and have previously opted out of system emails.

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Agreed! Volunteers sometimes unsubscribe because they don't want the update emails but then complain about missing the reminders for shifts or don't get a confirmation when I sign them up for a shift. Ideally they would just deal with it or make filters of their own to divert the messages they don't want, but most of them don't want to do that. 

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Hi, Audra and Grace,

Thanks for adding your thoughts here. I can definitely see that there is the use case for more robust email delivery preferences for volunteers. From your comments, I have distilled down to two requests that I will pass on to our enhancements team.

1. Allow for users to have more options in regard to what automated system emails they want to receive and/or opt-out of.

2. Treat the parent waiver similarly to the password reset email in that it is not affected by previous email opt-outs.

If you have any additional thoughts or questions, please don't hesitate to add them here.


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