Create an "Organization" data field (parent to Teams)

Hi all,

I would like to see a data field titled "Organization/Company". This data field would be parent toTeams, and the Site Manager could create new Orgs and assign Teams OR volunteer could select  an Org from a list (or suggest new ones). 

A set up like this would reduce the need to rely on User Groups and would help roll up multiple Teams into the right parent organization. We wish that all Teams would use names that make it easy to aggregate their data, but that doesn't happen. Having this extra data field seems like it would work wonders, especially since volunteer hours would be assigned at sign-in (like the are with the Team) instead of requiring volunteers to choose their User Group when they sign in.



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Hi Eli and all,

In addition to this idea, I wonder if it might be possible to make response question that is specific to teams? 

We'd love to be able to have/require a team leader to say whether the team is corporate, school, community, family, etc. 

I would also hope this would export when looking at teams so we can do some analysis on the data.



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Hi Cody,

Thank you for reaching out with your idea! I have added your thoughts about team response questions to our product suggestions notes which will be reviewed by our team during one of our upcoming enhancement meetings. I have also noted the support of Katie and Kevin as well. We'll be happy to keep you notified here with any updates about this idea moving forward. Thank you and have a great day!

Jeff Rodell (He/Him)

Client Onboarding Specialist

Galaxy Digital

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Hi Cody, thanks for reaching out! I can see how having categories for teams would be useful for reporting, and I have recorded your product suggestion. 

I will make sure to bring this up to the team in our next enhancements meeting!

Thanks as always for your feedback. 

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Thanks Eli

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