Public Volunteer Profiles for Recruitment

I am interested in a feature that would allow volunteers to share their profiles so that nonprofits can more actively recruit.

This is specifically of interest for organizations with opportunities to serve on their Board of Directors. It would be great to see a way for folks interested in Board service to create a publicly accessible profile so that it can function as a two-way street. This way, individuals could post their qualifications, availability, etc. and be contacted by interested nonprofits (and vice versa).

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Hi Mikayla,

We appreciate this addition to our forum! I'd love to dig into this more with you to better understand the process you are envisioning.

Would this be similar to the Volunteer Resume (currently accessible in user profiles in their View Profile > Volunteer Resume area), except this request would be for the addition of volunteer's approved Qualifications to this document? 

Would this profile need to be shared by the user to the Organization on an outside emailing/messaging platform or is this request asking for Organization/Agency Managers to automatically have access to user profiles?

Thanks for your insights!


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