Adding a LinkedIn option to share an opportunity sign up/response


I think it'd be beneficial to add a link to share an opportunity sign up via LinkedIn. I believe the current options are twitter and Facebook. The number of corporate teams and individuals that are volunteering with us is growing, and many of them are on LinkedIn. Some volunteers have expressed wanting to share these opportunities via LinkedIn to inform their employees and networks of volunteer opportunities in their community. 

Please let me know if this is an easy fix or something we could implement. 


Seth Anderson

Second Harvest Heartland

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Hi Seth, 

Thank you for adding this suggestion to the Forum! Although this is not something that is currently available, I would be very happy to add your suggestion to our internal enhancements board for our Development Team to review. I will write up your suggestion like this: 

Add a link to share a need response to Linkedin in addition to Facebook and Twitter. 

Thank you and thank you again for the suggestion!

Autum Brown

CX Team

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