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Right now when looking at a user's schedule, it is displayed in a calendar view. It would be great if this could be toggled between a calendar view and a list view.

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Hi Ellen,

Thanks for taking the time to post your suggestion in the forum! To make sure I’m capturing your request, you’d like the schedule tab in the user profile to have an option to toggle between a list view and a calendar view when displaying opportunity/need responses - is there anything else you’d like me to add?

I’ll make sure to add this to our list of suggested enhancements for review and please feel free to reply with any additional items or clarification you’d like me to add to this request!

Have a great day!


Might want to add: the reason it would be helpful to have a list view is that some volunteers don't sign up very often, and then it's a hassle to click to each month to see their schedule. Thank you!

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Hi Ellen, 

Thank you for the additional information! It's really helpful to have an example that can lend support to a product enhancement suggestion and I'll be sure to add it to the language from your original post. Please don't hesitate to share any other examples or ideas you have around this suggestion- we are grateful for your insight!

Have a good day!


Hi Ellen! Reaching out with a follow-up question - if you look at the Needs/Opportunities tab in the user profile from the site manager perspective, does this get closer to what you are looking for?  

If not, can you explain more on the scheduling to list toggle and how this list would differ from what is currently included in the user's responses area?

Thank you!


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