Team Lead notifications or Pop-ups


We'd like to suggest adding some automated messages for Team Leads after certain actions are completed for their team. 

1. An email or Pop-up is sent to the individual after they or someone else assigns them team lead position. Why: Our volunteers are having difficulties confirming who the team lead is, and occasionally identifying how to assign themselves or others as team lead. We can communicate how to assign someone the position, and we think it would be beneficial to confirm with the individual that they've been assigned team lead and are expected to do a little more. (let me know if the pop-up is already in place) 

2. A team lead is notified if a team member has unregistered from a volunteer shift or team in general. Why: It would be helpful to notify what has happened on their team and whether or not they'd like to continue managing it. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Thanks for your support!


Seth Anderson 

Second Harvest Heartland  

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Hello and Happy Friday! 

Thank you for adding this suggestion - I appreciate hearing more about why this is helpful for your organization as well! I will make two notes for this suggestion in our enhancements board: 

  1. When someone is made a Team Leader (either by themselves when creating a Team response or by another person) they will be notified that they have been made the Team Leader
  2. Team Leaders will receive a notification when a member of their Team unregisters themselves from the Team's response. 

Thank you for adding these suggestions, and have a great weekend!

Autum Brown, Education Manager

Thank you, Autum!

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