Streamline Check In Kiosk

Most of our volunteers struggle to utilize the kiosk without help, so we created an instructional document (blue). The green bubbles are product suggestions for Galaxy to make improvements.

Please consider the following (pictured):



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This is GREAT! These updates and suggestions would solve a lot of the issues we experience with check-in. After scanning the barcode, we have to stand next to our volunteers and walk them through the galaxy digital check-in process one by one.

Great ideas!  Making the volunteer sign in and registration easier and more user friendly would be very helpful!

Great ideas!  Please make volunteer online registration more user friendly!  

Hi Amber,

Thanks so much for following up sharing this beautiful PDF you created here. I will make a note of all of your suggestions for our team to review at a future Enhancements meeting. I will also add Jennifer and Rachel's thoughts towards these as well.

Thanks again,


CX Specialist


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