Prompt Pop Up When Deleting Shifts/Opportunities

It would be nice if the option to delete was removed entirely (deactivation as an alternative option), since the deletion of shifts/opportunities loses hours data and prevents hours from being logged.


If that is not an option, it would be great to get a scary pop up to discourage deleting shifts/opportunities because of its effect on the hours. Can we get another prompt window to ask if the user would actually like to delete the opportunity/shift?

Thank you!

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Hi Nick, thanks for reaching out! 

I can definitely see how more feedback would be helpful in this situation to ensure that people don't unintentionally remove any responses/hours when deactivating a shift. 

I have added your suggestion to our enhancement review list, and will make sure to bring it to the team in our next meeting. 

We appreciate your feedback! 

I agree with Nick. We are only a few weeks in and have already had this happen a few times. VolunteerHub allowed us to add the shift back whoever was previously signed up was still signed up after re-adding. This would be ideal for our workflow. 

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Hi Liz,

Sorry for the delay with reply here -- I'll need just a little clarification to make sure I understand what to add to our team's notes!

In addition to Nick's request, are you also looking for an easy way for Site Managers to reinstate/reactivate an accidentally deleted shift that had responses and hours data attached?

Let me know what you think!


CX Specialist


Hi Shonie,

We are looking for a way to easily reinstate an accidently deleted shift with responses attached. So far we have only had this happen for upcoming shifts so there are not hours attached yet. If a shift was deleted in VolunteerHub, once we added it back, the same volunteers were already signed up. Please let me know if you need me to clarify!

Hi Liz,

That makes total sense, thank you for that clarity! I have updated our notes for this. We are always trying to improve the software, and I think by giving site managers more control over these types of instances, that would be really helpful.

Thanks again for posting! Have a lovely new years,


CX Specialist


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