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Hi All, 

I've got a request to create a batch qualification update feature. We have a qualification for orientation that we paid to have added retroactively to our entire user body before activating it, but there doesn't seem to be a way to update the qualification for a group of people at all in the system. 

After folks attend orientation, we go in and approve the qualification for them and we currently have to do it one-by-one, opening up each profile, going into the qualifications tab, and updating their status. 

With between 10-50 people coming through orientation each week, this becomes very time consuming very quickly. If there way a way to add an "add/remove user 

qualifications" or similar option in the "select an action" dropdown menu on the user filter, that would be game-changing for my team. 


As the qualifications are the only way we've found to effectively block folks from signing up until they've completed orientation, it would be so helpful to be able to save time and update for example everyone with an orientation shift on a particular date. In a perfect world, it'd be awesome to have check boxes and the option to select the folks from within the search that we want to update. 



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Hi Grace,

We appreciate you following up and adding this to our forum! Currently, we do have some notes from additional admins who are also wanting this type of capability in order to bulk approve or deny qualifications, and can see how this would help streamline your efforts.

I have added your thoughts to those notes as well! 

Thanks again for adding your voice,


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Seconding this suggestion! Having to go to each user's account is incredibly time-consuming. Would love an option to add qualifications to multiple users!

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Hi Chelsea,

Perfect -- I have added your comment/vote to our current notes about the bulk qualification update request. If you have any real-life or specific examples of when you would use this in your workflow, those are always insightful as well for us as well!

Thank you,


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