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Hi Galaxy,

In the USA dates are formatted MM/DD/YYYY. In Australia, NZ, UK (where most of our volunteers reside) the dates are formatted DD/MM/YYYY. This will cause usability issues that we would like to avoid. We will create confusion when sending out comms saying there is an event on 8/9/2022 (August 9th in your format) when we actually mean 8th September!

If we can't detect the regional status of the end-point (user), then perhaps the software should conform to the international standard for date representation to avoid ambiguity (ISO 8601).


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Hi Mark,

We appreciate this perspective on our date formatting! I have added your thoughts on this to our team's notes to review at our next enhancements meeting.

Until only recently have we started to expand and consider increased volunteer use in countries outside of the US and Canada. These insights are super helpful as we take into consideration various country needs in regards to user experience of the software.


CX Specialist


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