Location Vs. Agency Manager?

Simple question here: are location managers and agency managers the same thing? What is the distinction here?

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Hi Bella, 

You are correct! On the Feeding South Dakota site they have changed the word "agency" to the word "location". 



Hi, Ali,

Similar question here: SAGE is an organization with Senior Centers around the city; we share budgets but then we each have our own. Currently, I've set out site with SAGE.org as the agency, and have listed opportunities for each under this.  Is it possible for me to register each of our Centers as its own Agency, so as share posting opps respective to each Center, and then agency-wide, as well? Thanks.

Hi Joe,

Happy Monday! I have touched base with your onboarder, Michelle, and she has let me know that you both have spoke to your question here in a ticket together. If you have more questions in regards to your site set up, please reach out to support@galaxydigital.com directly or back out to Michelle as you work together during your onboarding phase.

I hope you have a lovely week!


CX Specialist


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