Edit Language to Clarify "New Fans" in Weekly Message to Agency Managers

Hello Galaxy Digital team, 

I'd like to suggest the following! 

There is a weekly message that goes out to agency managers telling them the stats from the past week, including views, responses, fans, and hours. 

We've received some confusion about whether or not that is the total number of agency fans or if it is new fans for the week. 

We'd like to request adding the word "New" in front of fans to clarify that in our message to agencies! 

Please see image below: 


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Hi Erin!

Thank you for sharing your product suggestion! I can see the benefit of this clarification on those automated messages. I will share your product suggestion with our development team for the next enhancement meeting. 

For now, I’d like to offer an alternative option while this enhancement suggestion is under review. Site managers have the ability to edit and customize automated notifications, including the weekly Agency Manager digest by navigating to Communication > Notifications from the site manager panel. A note that the data shared in that notification is a weekly report—not an overall count for all time—can be added to the message field for that template. 

In this example, I’ve added a note to the template Agency Manager’s Weekly Digest


This can be written and personalized however you see fit. 

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

Best regards, 

Bee Crow

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