Icons for Food Banks

It would be great to see some icons that are relevant to food banks, like cans of food, boxes, and more varieties of produce items. We were also thinking it would be nice to have an icon that indicates "slow paced" like a turtle, as well. 

Here's a few icons that I grabbed from Canva that would be awesome types of images to use for our site: 


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I LOVE this suggestion! I recycle the same handful of icons for all of our opportunities and would be so grateful to have a few more food-bank related icons to use! Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

Hi Natalie,

Thank you so much for your submission and for taking the time to send in these neat icons! I will be happy to add this suggestion to our existing request notes in regards to expanding our available icons and bring it up to our team for discussion in a future meeting.

Thank you and have a great day!

With gratitude,

Jeff Rodell (He/Him)

Client Onboarding Specialist

Galaxy Digital

This would be amazing! I'd like to add that some fruits, vegetables, and other fresh items would also be appreciated.

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