Get Connected user types: Add User Group advisor

There are three user types for the Get Connected platform: volunteer, agency manager, and site manager. It would be helpful if a fourth user type could be created: a user group advisor/manager. This would allow a user to have permissions to...

  • View and track the opportunity signups and hours of users assigned to a specific user group, 
  • View reports that filter for this user group,
  • Create opportunity listings that can be viewed and signed up for by members of the specific user group, and
  • Send messages to students in the specific user group.
Adding this permissions type would enhance our ability to work collaboratively with colleagues across our college campus who serve as advisors for clubs that require/encourage community-based service.

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Hey Cody, 

Thanks for bringing this to the forum! This potential new user group leader role sound like it could be helpful for specific internal groups in a campus community such as yours. It does seem that this request is slightly different from our current SLM leader role, so I'll be sure to bring this to our enhancements team to review.


Maia Price
Customer Success Manager
Get Connected by Galaxy Digital

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