Same Link for Team Sign ups


We would like the option of having the same link for team sign ups. We have many teams who schedule 1-2 shifts a month and it is time consuming/ confusing for the teams to have so many different links. VolunteerHub gave one link for each team which included all of their reserved events. This made it easy for the team leader to send out the link and reminders for their group, and easy for our staff to send one link with multiple dates. 

Please let me know if this is an option, or if you need any further information.


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Hi Liz, 

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your request for enhancement, we appreciate the examples as well! We've captured your request around having a consistent join link for team registration, we appreciate your suggestion and are always looking to refine out product and workflow. 

Have a wonderful day!


I agree with this suggestion. It also makes it hard for me when I schedule a group out for multiple days, then they add someone new. 

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Hi Miranda,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your support for this suggestion! Especially information about what you've come across with multiple links making it hard to schedule a group out and someone new is added. This information will be shared with the CX team and development. 

All the best,


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