Need Ability to Decline Invitation to a Need

We have functionality to respond in the affirmative to an invitation to a need but no way to decline the invitation.  The only way our volunteers can decline is to leave the volunteer platform and send an email to the manager.  When they do that (have to send an external email), the information in the email is also not captured in their profile. 

Let's make it simpler for a volunteer to let us know that they are unable to participate in a need with simple functionality very much the same as what is already available with Events.  

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We need this function to have the ability for the recipient to write a note or comment when they decline the invitation, as was mentioned above. This enhancement will be a huge time saver for us and our potential volunteers.

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What Shelley is suggesting would be a wonderful enhancement! "One stop shopping" for the volunteer to communicate with us either Accept or Decline. And, if they decline, a free text box prompting them to explain the declination. This would also be a "one stop shopping" area in the system for us to communicate internally, so I don't have to ask other staff if they've received an email from the volunteer. It would be an overall simpler and more efficient process for both the volunteer and staff.

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Hi Shelley, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your suggestion to us! I have added your thoughts to our existing request notes which will be reviewed by our team during one of our upcoming enhancement meetings. I will be happy to report back with any updates that I receive.

I have also added the support from Sara and Jennifer as well, including the idea of the text box to prompt an explanation for the declination. 

Thank you!

Jeff Rodell (He/Him)

Client Onboarding Specialist

Galaxy Digital

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