Enhanced seach function for drop-downs

Currently with a drop-down list, the User can type on the keyboard and the drop-down will present the result in order.

Example User data:




If the User presses "B", the list will highlight the first selection starting with B.

My product suggestion is that the list will filter out anything not including what the User has typed. So if the user types "D, A, M", the list will auto filter and only display the result "Adam"

This will really help users search long lists, where there are lots of User Groups, or Qualifications to select from.

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Hello, Laurence!

I just wanted to get a little clarification to better help you with your product suggestion. Where are you envisioning this enhancement on the site? Would this be for site managers, program managers, program facilitators, or volunteers (or all of the above)? What lists are you referring to? 

This helps me in sharing your product suggestion with our development team for consideration. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! 



Hi Bee,

This could be for any role where there is a search filter. 

More specifically for this request, I am talking about Managers who are looking at filtering Programs/Opportunities/User Groups etc. I've included a screenshot below showing the filters for each column. 


I'd love wildcard searching

In particular, it would be so nice to be able to enter "last name, first initial" and see results. Often times the first name is spelled non-traditionally and we miss out on finding the use. Or someone goes by Mike instead of Michael. 


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Another vote for wildcard searching! You know how other websites are like, "did you mean?" Or they show all similar possibilities. When I forget how to spell someone's name it makes them very hard to find again.

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Hello Laurence, Cody, and Miranda!

Thank you for that clarification and example image Laurence! I will go ahead and share your product suggestion with our development team to discuss during an enhancement meeting! 

I will go ahead and add your support and suggestion for Wildcard Searching too, Cody and Miranda! I can definitely see how this would benefit your workflow. 

Thank you again and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week. 



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