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Hi all,

Many of our Teams come in more than once. On initial set up of a return Team visit, it's possible to "Select or unselect the members you want to use this time." and this is very helpful. When they book their subsequent shifts, we often don't know who will be coming in and they confirm later, so we don't add any Team members.

However, once the Team Response has been added, we can no longer access this list of past attendees. I would like the ability to add past Team members after the response has happened. On the screen to Manage your Team, when clicking "Add Team Member", to show the screen below, it would be so helpful to see the list of previous Team Members and be able to check them to add them at that point. We would still need to retain the below capability to add new Team members.


Thanks for your consideration!



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Hi Cody,

Thank you for adding this! I've definitely heard this request previously, where the ability to add additional users to past team responses, and how it would be helpful for reporting and building that story of who was actually able to volunteer with the team that day.

I have added your request to review with the team!



CX Specialist


Hi Shonie.

We have some additional ideas here:

  • on the initial "Add a Team" pop-up, we'd love the option to search by Team Leader/Team Creator. Sometimes there are multiple Teams with the same name and it's difficult to select the right one. See pic  below.


  • Once we "Use an Existing Team" and the list of previous volunteers appears, we'd like to add a "Check/Uncheck All" box. Unchecking all the names can be quite tedious and this feels like it would be a simple time saver. Image below.


Thank you!

Hi Cody, 

Thank you for the additional suggestions! I'll make the following note: 

  • Add an option to search by team leader / creator when adding a team
  • Allow for a bulk checkbox to select/unselect all volunteers when creating a team using an existing one

Let me know if that looks off base in any way! Cheers, 

Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

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This is correct, thanks Heather!

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