Add an address field option for shifts

I'd like to suggest having an option to include specific location/address information for each shift being added as part of the custom and recurring shifts for a need. Some events, especially large community cleanups, walks/runs, etc., require volunteers to report to different locations around the city/county and it would be great for volunteers to be able to sign up for the time and location that works best for them without the agency having to make multiple needs for the same activity at different locations. I think this would be a wonderful feature for many of our agencies that currently use our system to redirect volunteers to Signup Genius.  

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Yes! This would be incredibly helpful for our site too! I've had to add the different addresses in the opportunity description, which volunteers unfortunately don't always read. Having it on the shift signup would be more convenient and easy to find for the volunteers, as well as cut down on the emails I receive asking for the address. 

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