Initiative Notification

Hi there! We're a local United Way that utilizes the "Initiative" feature of the website to categorize our needs/posts for Day of Caring. My question or product suggestion is, would it be possible to enable a notification of some kind to site managers whenever an organization posts under a specific initiative? 

Reason being, we ask all agency managers to ensure they're posting needs "privately" for a short period of time and if they don't, the link to the opportunity is sent to all agency fans when it's not supposed to be accessible yet. The work around we've created to help mitigate this issue, is to clone and create the need again - ensuring "private" is selected, but it's a bit tedious. Additionally, if I happen to not notice a need that goes up incorrectly in a quick amount of time, it causes confusion for eager volunteers and agency managers alike because I have to remove said response or explain that they can't promote this opportunity yet.

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