Update Reserved Spots for Contact Name + Link to hours

Having the flexibility to use reserved spots as more than a placeholder would be heavily utilized by our team as it is a meaningful piece of data for us. We currently use the lead volunteer’s response notes to provide additional information for the names of the volunteers who for whatever reason do not provide an email address. As a site manager, it is impractical to turn off the overall need for email addresses sitewide, which I believe is the only other solution. 

What we would like is the capability for a site or agency manager to add a name to a reserved spot. We'd also like to be able to assign hours to a reserved spot regardless of whether a name is listed or not. This would help us account accurately for volunteer hours for minors and others who do not have or prefer not to provide an email address on the opportunity level.

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Hi Carly, 

Thank you for taking the time to write in with your suggestion! As of right now, you're correct that currently the only way to enable this would be to turn off emails required for team registration. As a note, this setting wouldn't affect users from signing up in general, and any opportunities with qualifications attached would still require the user to sign up on the site with an email address. 

However, I can see how your suggestion could be very useful for team leaders and site managers, especially for reporting purposes! I've added your suggestion to our list of enhancements for review, and if there's any updates on this we'll be sure to update you here. Thank you again! 

All the best,

Katie S. she/her

Customer Experience Data Specialist
Galaxy Digital

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