This article is about a feature that was exclusive to our legacy product (Get Connected 1.0), which we began phasing out in 2015. Groups are not available in later versions.

Get Connected's "Groups" feature is basically a social tool, one through which individuals who are like-minded and/or belong to a particular social group can communicate. The biggest benefit of groups is perhaps the ability to communicate via group forums. Members can post questions and comments and can also post images and other files to share with the group.

Group Privacy Levels

There are three levels of group privacy in Get Connected:

  • Public - Visible to everyone on their "My Profile" page; anyone can join
  • Private - Visible to everyone; anyone can ask to join, but they must be approved and added by an administrator
  • Secret - Not visible on "My Profile" unless you have been added by an administrator

Viewing Groups

There are two ways to view what groups are in Get Connected:

  • On the My Profile page for each user, is a Groups box that displays, at minimum, all public and private groups. A secret group is displayed only if the user belongs to it. (In the image below, the user does not belong to any groups.)

  • If you click the Groups link in the navigation bar, you'll see a list of available public and private groups. You also have the option of viewing the groups to which you belong, and of creating a new group.

Note: To add the Groups link to the navigation bar, go to your Admin panel and click Site Settings. Under the Navigation heading, check Display Groups Navigation Link.

Creating A New Group

As mentioned previously, a user can apply for a new group. As an admin, you can create and activate new groups from the admin panel. To create a new group:

  1. From your admin panel, click the System tab and select Groups.
  2. Click Add New Group.
  3. Enter all applicable group information, including marking the group as Active.
  4. Click Submit Changes in order to save your work before moving on to another tab.

Once you have created a group, you'll see several tabs appear along the top of the screen.

Listed below are descriptions of the different tabs and their purposes.

  • Info - Default tab; view and edit the basic group information
  • Settings - Give (or deny) different levels of members the abilities to communicate with other members, view information, and add information.

  • Members - Add new members, search members, change member levels (member or admin) and statuses (active or pending), and delete members. You can also assume a member's identity as needed for testing and troubleshooting.
  • Photos - Add, view, and delete group photos
  • News - Anything posted here will be visible to all group members on their Groups page.

    Note: You can select the publish date if different from the date you post the news item.

  • Files - Upload files (PDFs, Word documents, etc.)
  • Avatar - The group avatar, or image, is shown on the group page. If your group is public or private, it will be visible to all users.

About Forums

Forums are the primary communication tool for Get Connected groups. You can set up a forum from System > Forums. Instructions for setting up forums will be posted here soon. Meanwhile, if you have questions about forums or you have further questions about groups, please contact us.