This article applies to users of Get Connected 1.0.

eCards are a great way for your site's users to communicate and spread goodwill among other volunteers and friends. You can provide attractive thank-you notes, event reminders, birthday wishes, and simple greetings to which users can add their own personal messages and then send to others.

This article covers the following topics:

How eCards Work

Individuals receive notices of eCards in their inbox. The message states that they've received an eCard from your site, and they're given a link to access it. Clicking the link takes them to the eCard section of the site, where they can view the eCard. They have the option of forwarding it after replacing your personal message with their own.

Creating an eCard

To create an eCard in Get Connected:

  1. From the manager panel, click the Plugins tab and select eCards.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. Enter a Title for the eCard (to be displayed on the site) and a Description (for reference only; not displayed on the site).
  4. To add images, click Choose File. Both the Front Image;and the Back Image will be visible on the same screen; the front image is displayed above the back image.
  5. Click Submit to save the eCard.

Making Your eCard Accessible

Before eCards can be accessed, a link must be provided on the navigation bar.


To make eCards accessible from the navigation bar:

  1. Go to Site Settings in the manager panel.
  2. Under Navigation, mark the Display eCard Navigation Link check box.
  3. Click Submit. The link will now be displayed on your site's navigation bar.

You can send an eCard to any number of individuals. You even have the option of importing recipients from your email account.

To send an eCard:

1. Go to your public Get Connected site (not the manager panel) and click the eCards link in the navigation bar. The front images for the ; ; ; ; available eCards are displayed, along with their titles.

Note:To change the order in which eCard images are displayed, see Rearranging the eCard Display, later in this article.

; ;;

; ; ; ;

2. Click the image of the eCard you wish to send. This action opens the "Create Your Message" page, which features the eCard image(s), a Recipient field, and a Your Personal Message field.

3. Enter the recipient email address(es) into the Recipient field.

4. Type a personal message into the Your Personal Message field.

5. Click Send Card Now.

The recipient(s) will now receive an automated notification ("eCard Recipient Message") with a link that takes them to the eCard on your Get Connected site.

Note: The link works only once per recipient.

Receiving and Forwarding an eCard

Clicking their email link takes the recipient straight to the eCard on your site.

In the top right-hand corner of the eCard is a Forward button.

If the recipient clicks this button, the Recipients and Your Personal Message fields are displayed. The user can then create a new message for the eCard and forward it as desired.

Viewing eCard Statistics

In your manager panel, click the Plugins tab and select eCards to view statistics about all eCards in your Get Connected system.

Available statistics and other information include the following:

  • ID - Unique eCard ID
  • Title - Name that was given to the eCard when creating it
  • Senders - Number of unique senders of the eCard
  • Sent - Total number of unique email addresses to which the eCard was sent
  • Opened - Number of emails sent that were opened
  • Date Added - Date the eCard was created and added to the system
  • Status
  • Export usage - See Exporting eCard Data, below.

Rearranging the eCard Display

When someone clicks the eCard link in the navigation bar, they see the eCards listed in the order in which they were created. To change this order, use the icon in the left-hand column of the eCard listing to drag individual cards to another position.

Exporting eCard Data

The following eCard data can be exported into a spreadsheet:

  • Senders' email addresses
  • Recipients' email addresses
  • Dates sent
  • Status of each email sent
    Note: Statuses include viewed (for an email that has been opened) and pending (for an email that has not been opened)

To export data for an eCard into a spreadsheet, click the applicable Export link in the eCard listing.


If you have questions or would like assistance with creating and sending eCards in Get Connected, please let us know.